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DescriptionWhen hit, B Btn+Left hurls star
Full nameAnti Magic
Colors Red
Compression codeL ← R A → ↓
Error codes
  • H3: SK3LROT1
BugMovement Bug
EX code

AntiMagic is a defensive ability activated with button combo B + Left.

When used, AntiMagic protects for 12 frames. MegaMan stays in his idle pose, but the trap indicator (????) appears. If there was any other trap equipped, it is immediately destroyed.

If AntiMagic defends against an attack, MegaMan will play a false flinch animation before jumping upwards and hurling 1 star at an enemy, dealing 100 damage.

There is a hidden frame timer that starts each match with a value of 256. When AntiMagic is used, this timer will count down by 1 for every frame that it's actively defending. If AntiMagic blocks an attack, any time remaining on its duration (out of the initial 12f) does not count against this timer. If the timer reaches 1, it will stop counting down and AntiMagic will cease to function for the rest of the match. The depleted timer will be indicated by the trap indicator only appearing for 1 frame. Despite the indicator still briefly appearing, AntiMagic will not defend at all, not even for a single frame. There is no known way to restore or reset the timer during a match.

If AntiMagic is used repeatedly without blocking any hits, it will be depleted on its 22nd use. By blocking hits closer to the initial activation of AntiMagic, the timer will not lose as much time and more uses of AntiMagic will be possible.

B+Left combo timing

Note: BN3 runs at 60 frames per second.

The button combo can be executed by pressing B and Left on the same frame. Otherwise, B must be pressed first, then Left must be pressed within 8 frames of pressing B.

If B is released before pressing Left, the combo can still register as long as Left is pressed on the immediate next frame. Otherwise, the window will be cut off on the proceeding frame and the Buster will be fired.

Taking these properties into consideration and counting a same-frame B+Left press as frame 1, this means the maximum length of the window to press Left is 9 frames, and the minimum length is 2 frames. The length is shortened when releasing B, so the minimum length can be achieved by only pressing B for a single frame.