NetBattling 101 (BN6)

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Welcome to NetBattling 101! This guide has been carefully crafted by the N1 Grand Prix community to be a single point of reference. From Battle Chips to Navi Customizer, this guide will give you all the knowledge you need to get started on NetBattling. While this guide will present the basics of the game, it is still highly recommended to play through Mega Man Battle Network 6 first.

Picking a Version

Picking a version you are comfortable with is integral. Gregar is more inclined on dealing heavy damage on the opponent, while Falzar relies on their adaptability to deal with whatever the opponent throws at them. Both versions’ forms have different strengths. Depending on how you plan to customize your MegaMan, you will want to pick your version accordingly.

Cross System

A crucial difference between the versions are the crosses MegaMan can take. Upon entering a cross, MegaMan gains access to new forms with new charge shots and a new elemental typing, as well as bonus effects to non-screen dimming chips, the ability to charge non-screen dimming chips, and more depending on the cross.

Cybeast Gregar Cybeast Falzar
Heat Cross

HeatCross Portrait.png

  • Element 6 Fire.png Fire Element
  • +50 to non-screen dimming Fire Chips
  • Buster Attack +1
Aqua Cross

AquaCross Portrait.png

  • Element 6 Aqua.png Aqua Element
  • Aqua Chips heal 5% of your max HP, up to 50 HP
  • Cannot slip on Ice Panels
  • Charge non- screen dimming Aqua Chips for double damage
Elec Cross

ElecCross Portrait.png

  • Element 6 Elec.png Elec Element
  • +50 to Elec Chips
  • Charge non-screen dimming Null Chips to paralyze
Tomahawk Cross

TomahawkCross Portrait.png

  • Element 6 Wood.png Wood Element
  • Heal on Grass Panels
  • Charge non-screen dimming Grass Chips for double damage
  • Immunity to all status conditions
Slash Cross

SlashCross Portrait.png

  • Element 6 Sword.png Sword Element
  • +50 to non-screen dimming Sword Chips
  • Charge Sword Chips for a Sonic Boom
Tengu Cross

TenguCross Portrait.png

  • Element 6 Wind.png Wind Element
  • +10 to non-screen dimming Wind Chips
  • Fan effect with B+Left
  • Air Shoes
Erase Cross

EraseCross Portrait.png

  • Element 6 Cursor.png Cursor Element
  • +30 to Cursor Chips
  • Give HP Bug with Null Chip when opp. HP has a 4.
Ground Cross

GroundCross Portrait.png

  • Element 6 Break.png Break Element
  • +10 to non-screen dimming Break Chips
  • Charge non-screen dimming Break Chips to drop rocks
  • Super Armor
Charge Cross

ChargeCross Portrait.png

  • Element 6 Fire.png Fire Element
  • Charge non-screen dimming Fire Chip up to +100
  • Extra chip on custom screen each turn
Dust Cross

DustCross Portrait.png

  • Element 6 Break.png Break Element
  • Swaps selected chips in custom screen with folder
  • Suck in objects with B+Left and shoot them with B

Beast Out

Another transformation MegaMan can take is the Beast Out. This mighty form only lasts 3 turns, but grants MegaMan a powerful new buster, automatically lock-on with non-screen dimming chips, NaviCustomizer abilities, and the ability to charge any Null Element chips.

Cybeast Gregar Cybeast Falzar
  • Rapid Fire Buster
  • +30 to Null Chips
  • Charge Null Chip for 2-hit slash
  • Super Armor
  • Spreading Buster
  • +30 to Null Chips
  • Charge Null Chip for 2-hit slash
  • Air Shoes and Float Shoes

Beast Out can be combined with Crosses, changing Beast Out’s chip Charge to an attack that is unique to the Beast Out and Cross combination. They retain the abilities of the united forms but with the Beast’s buster weapon, as well as each having a unique Null chip charge.

Beast Over

After Beast Out expires, you have the option to Beast Over. During Beast Over, you lose all control of your Navi’s position on the field and MegaMan attempts to line up with the enemy. While in Beast Over, MegaMan becomes invincible. In addition to the usual Beast boosts, non-screen dimming Null chips’ do double damage instead of doing +30 damage.

Giga Chips

Cybeast Gregar Cybeast Falzar
Chip Icon 6 Giga 001 Gregar.png Bass

Chip 6 Giga 001 Gregar.png

Attacks opponent's 3x3 area 8 times.

If the enemy is over a hole, they are not damaged.

Chip Icon 6 Giga 001 Falzar.png BassAnly

Chip 6 Giga 001 Falzar.png

Sends 4 rings that home in on the opponent.

They cannot travel over holes or out of the field.

However, will hit point blank even if enemy is standing on hole.

Chip Icon 6 Giga 002 Gregar.png BigHook

Chip 6 Giga 002 Gregar.png

2 fists that do giant damage swing on enemy’s 3x3 area.

The middle column is hit by both fists.

Chip Icon 6 Giga 002 Falzar.png MetrKnuk

Chip 6 Giga 002 Falzar.png

16 giants fists rain from the sky that damages the opponent and their area an amount of times based on enemy positioning and area.

Chip Icon 6 Giga 003 Gregar.png DeltaRay

Chip 6 Giga 003 Gregar.png

A strong hitting chip with a unique range that has the potential to hit three times based on enemy positioning and user input.

Chip Icon 6 Giga 003 Falzar.png CrossDiv

Chip 6 Giga 003 Falzar.png

Nails the enemy in the same row with 2 diagonal slashes.

If they aren't, slashes will hit 3 panels ahead. Does double damage if both slashes hit dead center.

Chip Icon 6 Giga 004 Gregar.png ColForce

Chip 6 Giga 004 Gregar.png

The only Giga Chip that does not dim.

Summons a wave of soldiers per column that blasts straight ahead with 3 paralyzing shots for every one of your open panels.

Chip Icon 6 Giga 004 Falzar.png HubBatc

Chip 6 Giga 004 Falzar.png

Grants you 8 chips in Custom Screen and maxed buster stats, in addition to the following Navi Customizer programs:

AirShoes, FloatShoes, Shield, UnderShirt.

Chip Icon 6 Giga 005 Gregar.png BugRSwrd

Chip 6 Giga 005 Gregar.png

Changes your charge shot to do a Sword attack that covers 2 whole columns in front of you.

Consumes BugFrags.

Chip Icon 6 Giga 005 Falzar.png BgDthThd

Chip 6 Giga 005 Falzar.png

Changes your charge shot to shoot a Thunder that consumes BugFrags.

Time your charges and 2 can chase down your opponent.

Navi Customizer

The NaviCust is a 5x5 grid with an additional space extending each side off the grid (marked with red boxes), and the command line that covers 7 spaces running through the center (2 are off the grid). With the Navi Customizer, you can install various programs to power up MegaMan or give him new abilities.

Solid (Program Parts) Patterned (Plus Parts)
These programs give MegaMan additional effects or abilities, such as Super Armor or Air Shoes. These programs give MegaMan stat boosts, such as more health or a stronger MegaBuster.


Colors Two programs of the same color will be bugged when placed next to each other.
Plus on Command Line Patterned parts will be bugged when placed on the Command Line.
Programs off Command Line Solid programs have no effect when placed off the Command Line.
Off the Grid Parts will be bugged when placed off the NaviCust’s 5x5 field.

Some bugs have more intense versions that can be inflicted by triggering the same bug multiple times. Those types of bugs can have up to 3 levels of intensity.

While some bugs are scary, such as Custom Bug (which lowers your chip selection over time), other bugs can be used to your advantage. For example, Buster Bug can cause your buster to randomly fire for Charge Shot damage, or Emotion Bug can randomly give you Full Synchro!

Battle Chips & Folder Constructing

The defining aspect of the combat in the Battle Network series is the use of Battle Chips. You will need 30 chips in your folder before you can battle.


Battle Chips are single-use attacks MegaMan can use when selected at the start of the turn. Each Battle Chip has a code, an element, an MB size. The Battle Network series features a diverse library of unique chips to use. The chips you choose will determine the way you battle.

Chip Codes

Each Battle Chip has a code that is a letter from A - Z or an Asterisk(*). In the international releases of Battle Network 6, the X code is not used. While you are normally only allowed to choose chips of the same name per turn, chips with the same code or any one code + asterisk code chips can be picked together.


In Battle Network 6, there are 2 elemental cycles. Some attacks have more than one element. When a Cross is hit with their weakness, the Cross takes double damage and is removed.

Element 6 Fire.png Fire Incinerates all grass panels it hits. The burned grass panels copy the damage, causing it to be effectively 2x damage. Strong against Wood.
Element 6 Wood.png Wood Removes conveyor panels it passes over. Strong against Elec.
Element 6 Elec.png Elec Deals double damage to enemies that are bubbled. Strong against Aqua.
Element 6 Aqua.png Aqua Removes Volcano panels it passes over. When an enemy is standing on an ice panel and is struck, they become frozen. Strong against Fire.
Element 6 None.png None While it is neutral and not strong against any element, non-elemental chips have good synergy with all Beast Out forms.
Element 6 Break.png Break Crushes obstacles instantly and pierces Shield. Deals double damage when the enemy is frozen. Strong against Sword.
Element 6 Sword.png Sword Strong against Wind. A very common secondary element.
Element 6 Wind.png Wind Blows away enemy’s barrier and aura if it lands, regardless of damage. Strong against Cursor.
Element 6 Cursor.png Cursor When an enemy with an active Trap (indicated by "????") is struck, the attack destroys the trap and deals damage. Strong against Break.
Outside of the two element cycles, there are two additional elements that a chip can have.
Element 6 Obstacle.png Obstacle These chips spawn an obstacle on the field to aid you in combat. Obstacle are instantly destroyed by Break chips.
Element 6 Plus.png Plus These chips apply an effect to another chip in your hand, or to MegaMan himself.

Additional properties attacks can have:

  • Pseudo-Break: Same guard-piercing attribute as Break element but does not deal double damage to those weak to Breaking or remove their cross. However, it does deal double damage to frozen opponents.
  • Invisible Pierce: Some chips can damage enemies even while they’re flashing.

MB Chip Limits

Each Battle Chip has a memory cost limiting the number of copies of that chip you are able to include in your folder.

  • 00MB ~ 19MB - 5 copies
  • 20MB ~ 29MB - 4 copies
  • 30MB ~ 39MB - 3 copies
  • 40MB ~ 49MB - 2 copies
  • 50MB ~ 99MB - 1 copy

Mega & Giga Chips

There are three classes of Battle Chips, Standard, Mega and Giga.

  • Mega Chips are generally stronger than Standard Chips, and Giga Chips are the strongest in the game.
  • In a folder, you are restricted to five Mega Chips and a single Giga Chip.
  • These limits can be raised with NaviCust Parts.

Tagging & Regular System

Regular Chips

A Regular Chip is always in the first hand you draw at the beginning of a match. It will not be shuffled back into your deck if you use the Shuffle NCP.

You can only place a chip with a MB value at or under your maximum MB (50 MB).

Tag Chips

Two chips whose collective MB is less than or equal to 60 MB can be set as Tag Chips. Tag Chips are always drawn together and appear side-by-side in the Custom Screen.


The Objective

The main rule of winning a NetBattle is simple: reduce your opponent's HP to zero to delete them.

Use Battle Chips and your MegaBuster damage. Strategic positioning and movement will enable you to avoid your opponent’s attacks and land your own!

An alternative path to victory is through the Hit Damage Judge. As a countermeasure for battles taking too long, a 10 second timer will appear on the top of the screen instead of the Custom Gauge on the 15th turn. When the timer runs out, the winner of the match will be determined by who dealt the most damage to the other throughout the match.

If both players' HP hit zero on the same frame or if they dealt the same amount of damage during Damage Judge, that battle will be declared a draw.

Custom Screen

At the start of each round, the Custom Screen will be brought up where you can select chips to use. Choose carefully the order of your combos and defensive chips.

From this screen, you can choose to use a Transformation, but you cannot choose to both enter a Cross and Beast Out on the same turn. Using a Beast Out takes up a chip slot for that turn, while going into a Cross does not.

If you did not use all your chips from the previous turn, you can choose to pick no chips on the custom screen. Then in your next turn, you will be able to start with the remaining chips in your hand from your previous turn. You can also keep those chips if you change Crosses. However, this does not work with Beast Out! Since selecting Beast Out counts as putting a chip in your first slot.

There is no time limit, so take as long as you like to select your chips (but be considerate of your opponent and do not use this time to stall the match)!


See also: Panels (BN6)


MMBN6 battles take place on a 6x3 grid, above is a clean stage with normal panels.

It is possible to grab your opponent’s area and take them for your own. Keeping a field advantage helps significantly in battle. Always incorporate area control into your game plan. You can be certain your opponent will be doing the same, and you don't want to be caught off guard!

During a Network Duel, fields will be automatically chosen from a predetermined list. Aside from normal panels, you will encounter a variety of panels in battle.

Normal Panels


These panels have no special effects. They can be turned into other panels through various means. Hole Panels


These are permanent broken panels that are set at the start of the battle. They cannot be stolen from the enemy’s area or restored to a normal panel.
Cracked Panels


When MegaMan steps off these panels, they become broken panels. FloatShoes can pass over these panels without breaking them. Broken Panels


MegaMan cannot step on these panels unless he has AirShoes. Most objects and navi chips cannot spawn over these panels. Broken panels restore to normal after a while.
Grass Panels


Fire attack that go over grass panels deal double damage to the target and convert the panel back to a normal panel. Ice Panels


MegaMan slides on ice panels until contact with an obstacle or end of area, unless he is equipped with FloatShoes. In addition, any player on an ice panel hit by an Aqua attacks will be Frozen, and convert the panel back to a normal panel.
Poison Panels


Poison panels cause MegaMan’s HP to drop steadily when stood on. This effect ignores all defenses except invincibility, but is circumvented by FloatShoes. Holy Panels


Holy panels cause MegaMan to take 1/2 Damage from all sources when stood on.
Volcano Panels


Volcano panels shoot a geyser of fire every few seconds until they fade. The geyser does not deal fire damage. When hit by an Aqua attack, it’s removed. Conveyor Panels


Conveyor panels push MegaMan towards the direction the panel point & is Ignored by FloatShoes. There are 4 types of this panel, one for every direction. When hit by an Wood attack, it’s removed.

Emotion Window

The Emotion window shows the current state of MegaMan during battle. Crosses and Beast Crosses cannot change their emotion. Normal Beast form can only go to Full Synchro with a counter hit.


See also: Statuses (BN6)

These are special statuses MegaMan can receive during battle.


MegaMan is shocked in place and cannot do anything until it wears off, or he's struck by an attack that causes flashing while he does not have SuperArmor.

The paralysis length varies on the attack. This condition can also be given when the opponent is countered just as they’re about to attack. Mashing reduces the amount of time you are paralyzed for.


MegaMan is frozen in place and cannot do anything until it wears off, or he's struck by an attack that causes flashing while he does not have SuperArmor.

If he is struck by a Break attack, the damage is doubled and the frost is removed. Mashing reduces the amount of time you are frozen for.


MegaMan is bubbled in place and cannot do anything until it wears off, or be struck by an attack.

If he is struck by an Elec attack, damage is doubled. Mashing reduces the amount of time you are bubbled for, and speeds up the animation.


MegaMan’s controls are reversed. Left is right, up is down, etc.

Beast Out lock-on will not home in on the enemy.


You cannot see your enemy’s location nor the obstacles they have ownership of.

Beast Out lock-on will not home in on the enemy


MegaMan cannot move in this state. He can still perform attacks.


MegaMan is in a state where he cannot be damaged or receive status conditions.

During Network Duel, statuses can affect a player or opponent positively or negatively. These can be applied by various chips and NaviCust parts.

Cut In

A game feature exclusive to Network Duel. Cut in can be performed when a screen dimming chip is used, and its name is still shown on screen. If your opponent uses a screen dimming chip, you have an opportunity to cut in your own screen dimming chip, allowing your chip to be used first. If your opponent has another screen dimming chip, they can do the same, but only the last 2 chips on a cut in chain will fire.