Bass (BN6)

Chip series (BN6)
Chip 6 Giga 001 Gregar.png
Chip Icon 6 Giga 001 Gregar.png Bass
DescriptionBuster rake wide enmy area
Full nameBass
Library #1G
ElementNone None
Attack power60
MB95 (max 1 copy)
Part of program advancesDarkness

Bass will only hit panels on the columns in front of him, but never more than the initial 3 enemy columns. Furthermore, Bass will hit all panels on said columns with at least one enemy panel.

The following statements detail how many hits Bass will deal:

  • Regardless of enemy area, Bass will never do more than 8 hits.
  • Bass will always do 8 hits if there are only 2 or 1 columns available to hit (i.e. +1 or +2 columns taken)
  • When Bass has 3 columns available to hit, it is possible for Bass to deal 7 or less hits. Approximate probabilities obtained through simulation are detailed below.[1]
Number of hits Probability
8 ~95.00%
7 ~4.975%
6 ~0.025%
5 or less[2] <0.0001%

Bass can target broken or hole panels, but Shooting Buster will not hit the enemy.

Exact mechanics for determining Bass chip hits (TODO add me in a collapsible block)

For 24 attempts, spawn a Shooting Buster twice.

On spawning a Shooting Buster:

  • There is a 3/8 chance to randomly hit any valid panel which was not chosen in the last 3 attempts. This can include panels occupied by enemies.
  • There is a 5/8 chance to randomly hit an enemy which was not chosen in the last 3 attempts.
    • If no enemies follow this criteria, default to randomly choosing any valid panel not chosen in the last 3 attempts.
  • If this results in no valid panels, don't spawn a Shooting Buster.


  1. The actual probabilities may differ slightly (probably not more than ±1%) due to correlations in Battle Network's RNG.
  2. Theoretically, it is possible to get less than 6 hits, but the probability is so low that such an event is likely impossible within Battle Network's limited RNG state space.