Gregar (BN6)

Chip series (BN6)
Chip 6 Secret 012 Gregar.png
Chip Icon 6 Secret 012 Gregar.png Gregar
DescriptionGregar's breath attack!
Full nameGregar
ClassSecret Giga
Library #12G
ElementNone None
Attack power300
MB99 (max 1 copy)

Can appear over hole panels. Gregar Breath is Null element. Upon summoning, all obstacles on the field are destroyed. Gregar changes panels after dealing damage.

Falling rocks are pseudo-breaking with 100 base damage and can be attack boosted. Each rock has a 9/16 chance to target the enemy, 7/16 chance to target a random blue panel. Rocks never hit the same panel twice in a row. Drops 9 rocks that can hit up to 5 times.