Falzar (BN6)

Chip series (BN6)
Chip 6 Secret 013 Falzar.png
Chip Icon 6 Secret 013 Falzar.png Falzar
DescriptionFalzar's ruinous tornado!
Full nameFalzar
ClassSecret Giga
Library #13F
ElementNone None
Attack power100
MB99 (max 1 copy)

Can appear over hole panels. Not Wind element in any way. Upon summoning, all obstacles on the field are destroyed. The 3rd column of the Sonic Wave hits 3 times.

Feathers cannot be attack boosted, but can have their attack power be doubled by Full Synchro or Anger. Each feather has a 9/16 chance to target the enemy, 7/16 chance to target a random blue panel. Feathers never hit the same panel twice in a row. Fires 10 feathers that can hit up to 5 times.