Seed chip series (BN6)

Chip series (BN6)
Chip 6 Standard 067.png
Chip Icon 6 Standard 067.png GrasSeed
DescriptionMakes 9sq meadow 3sq ahead
Full nameGrass Seed
Library #67
ElementWood Wood
Attack power10
CodesA F S *
MB19 (max 5 copies)
Chip lockout10 frames
Chip 6 Standard 068.png
Chip Icon 6 Standard 068.png IceSeed
DescriptionMakes 9sq ice field 3sq ahead
Full nameIce Seed
Library #68
ElementAqua Aqua
Attack power10
CodesA L R *
MB31 (max 3 copies)
Chip lockout10 frames
Chip 6 Standard 069.png
Chip Icon 6 Standard 069.png PoisSeed
DescriptionMakes 9sq poisn swp 3sq ahead
Full namePoison Seed
Library #69
ElementNone None
Attack power10
CodesH N P *
MB37 (max 3 copies)
Chip lockout10 frames
Part of program advancesPoisPhar

Seeds take 50f to land and change the panel type on the next frame. If seed lands, the 3x3 panels around it, except for permanent hole panels, turn into their corresponding panel type. Seeds have 10f chip lockout which starts when MegaMan returns to idle. Seeds change the panels after dealing damage. However, if a seed hits an enemy or object, they receive 10 damage of the seed’s element and only the panel the seed landed on changes.