Yo-Yo (BN6)

Chip series (BN6)
Chip 6 Standard 018.png
Chip Icon 6 Standard 018.png YoYo
DescriptionYoYo atk reaches 3sq ahead
Full nameYo-Yo
Library #18
ElementNone None
Attack power50
CodesL M N *
MB32 (max 3 copies)
Part of program advancesGreatYo

Yo-Yo is a Element 6 None.png None element non-dimming chip. It flies forward in a 3 deep 1 wide area, damaging everything on the way forward, then lingers to do 3 hits hits at the end, and damages on the way back to MegaMan. It deals Flinching, and Secondry Sword Element. Yo-Yo chips can form the Chip Icon 6 Program advance 021.png GreatYo Program Advance.

When used in Beast Out the AI will attempt to maximize damage by jumping to the max range. Due to not dealing Flashing damage, it is possible to deal multiple instances of damage with the same attack.


Frame Data

  • Counterable on frames 1-16
Chip Icon 6 Standard 018.png YoYo
Startup Active Recovery Total Counter Frames
1 2-53 54-61 61 ???

start 2-6

Competitive Overview

Yo-Yo rarely sees play in competitve due to the attack being reliant on postioning and limited range. For maximum value, Yo-Yo is often used with Chip Icon 6 Standard 192.png WhiCapsl or used against a target without SuprArmr. Yo-Yo can be a good decrossing option for Tengu Cross, or a decent damaging option when used in Beast Out for the +30 boost.

Using Yo-Yo in Beast Out can backfire as well. Beast AI will attempt to maximize the number of hits by beast jumping, but this can cause the attack to completely miss. It is often best to use it as a surprise attack for a decross.

As a non-dimming Element 6 None.png None chip, it can be Beast Charged for more damage if using the chip itself is not beneficial.

Counter Play

Yo-Yo can completely miss if the opponent is camping the backrow while the user is at an areal disadvantage through Chip Icon 6 Standard 165.png AreaGrab or Chip Icon 6 Standard 164.png PanlGrab. It can be difficult to confirm the full number of hits without other methods such as Chip Icon 6 Standard 192.png WhiCapsl, which is often not a wise use of the chip. If Yo-Yo misses it can leave the user open to a retalitation from the enemy as it lasts for some time because the user is able to act again.