Bug Bomb (BN6)

Chip series (BN6)
Chip 6 Standard 066.png
Chip Icon 6 Standard 066.png BugBomb
DescriptionThrows a BugBomb 3sq ahead
Full nameBug Bomb
Library #66
ElementNone None
Attack power
CodesG S V
MB24 (max 4 copies)

BugBomb takes 52f to land and it explodes after 60f hitting the 3x3 around it. If the opponent steps under it, BugBomb will do no damage but will work as normal on that panel. BugBomb inflicts confusion on hit and one of the following bugs with equal probability: Battle HP Bug: level increased by 1 Custom Screen HP Bug: level increased by 1 Panel Bug: 1/8 chance to spawn cracked panels Buster Bug: 4/16 chance to jam Any bug that is already active is skipped. If all of those bugs are already active, then any of the four effects can be chosen. In the case of Panel Bug or Buster Bug, the probability to trigger the effect is overwritten by the new value. For Buster Bug, only the jam rate is affected, the ChargeShot rate is unaffected. Does not affect the enemy if they have a Barrier, Aura, Shield, RiskyHoney, Invisible, or Invincible.