Anti Sword (BN6)

Chip series (BN6)
Chip 6 Standard 190.png
Chip Icon 6 Standard 190.png AntiSwrd
DescriptionRetaliate for sword damage
Full nameAnti Sword
Library #190
ElementSword Sword
Attack power100
CodesA R Z *
MB33 (max 3 copies)
Part of program advancesBodyGrd

Activates after being hit by a sword attack, this includes secondary element swords such as AntiDamage or the elemental swords. The first 2 Sonic Booms cause flinching, the 3rd Sonic Boom causes flashing. AntiSword applies invulnerability while it’s active. Will activate even when struck with a Barrier up. Does not activate while using RiskyHoney, shields, Reflector chips, and while invisible or invulnerable. The obscure glitch "TDOG" can be applied to AntiSword in the same manner as AntiDamage. To learn more about this glitch, read the "About TDOG" paragraph in the explanation for AntiDamage.