Risky Honey chip series (BN6)

Chip series (BN6)
Chip 6 Standard 039.png
Chip Icon 6 Standard 039.png RskyHny1
DescriptionBees attk whle hive defending
Full nameRisky Honey 1
Library #39
ElementWood Wood
Attack power10
CodesB G S
MB21 (max 4 copies)
Chip 6 Standard 040.png
Chip Icon 6 Standard 040.png RskyHny2
DescriptionBees attk whle hive defending
Full nameRisky Honey 2
Library #40
ElementWood Wood
Attack power15
CodesC R V
MB28 (max 4 copies)
Chip 6 Standard 041.png
Chip Icon 6 Standard 041.png RskyHny3
DescriptionBees attk whle hive defending
Full nameRisky Honey 3
Library #41
ElementWood Wood
Attack power20
CodesA D M
MB35 (max 3 copies)
Part of program advancesMstrCros

The Risky Honey series is a Real Time chip that protects the user from most non-Element 6 Fire.png Fire element attacks and sends out attacking bees. The chip has 2 different parts: the swarm and the hive. The swarm deals damage to the enemy while the hive protects the user and spawns more swarms.

The swarm deals Element 6 Wood.png Wood damage and is Flinching and non-Flashing. Each swarm hits for a maximum of 5 times. Any blocked attacks by the hive will send out another swarm up to 3 times, after which the chip ends early.

Each swarm can change direction up to 2 times as they attempt to follow the enemy, after which they continue in the direction they are flying. Once a swarm hits an enemy, it will move with said enemy as it continues hitting them. The travel speed of the swarms increases with chip rank.

Using Risky Honey in Beast Out can cause for unexpected targeting behavior:

  • When the user is directly in front of the enemy, the user stays in place.
  • When the user is on the enemy's row, the user Beast Jumps one panel forward, but not into a panel occupied by an object.
  • When the user is not on the enemy's row, the user Beast Jumps to the panel connecting the user's column and the enemy's row.
  • When the user is behind the enemy, the user Beast Jumps to the panel in front of the enemy.


  • Element 6 Fire.png Fire element attacks do not end Risky Honey early unless the user Flinches, is affected by a Status Condition, or is decrossed. Time Freeze Fire element attacks will not Flash or Flinch while the hive is up. Real-Time Fire element attacks will still Flash and Flinch unless they cause a decross, in which case they will not Flash or Flinch.
  • Element 6 Cursor.png Cursor element attacks will still destroy traps even when blocked with the hive.
  • Swarms will hit an obstacle only 1 time rather than the usual 5.
  • Swarms will occasionally fail to follow a hit enemy if the enemy moves off of their panel on the same frame. This interaction is often called "Lazy Bees".
  • In the Japanese and Legacy Collection versions, there is a glitch that prevents Risky Honey from blocking attacks or sending out extra bees when used together with a trap. (More details needed.)

Frame Data

  • All versions of Risky Honey share the same frame data for the hive.
  • The travel speed of the swarms increases with each version.
  • The hive lasts for a maximum of 36 frames.
  • Attacks blocked within 10 frames of a swarm spawning will not spawn another swarm. This blocked attack does not affect the hive duration.

Swarm travel speed:

Hive block frames:

  • Begins blocking damage: 1f
  • Releases first set of bees: 3f
  • Begins releasing extra bees on block: 5f
  • Last block frame: 36f
  • Actionable: 37f
Startup Active Recovery
- 1-36 -

Competitive Overview

All versions of Risky Honey see play in their respective codes as they provide unique defensive capabilities, are often difficult to dodge, and can occasionally score counter-hits due to being multi-hitting and non-Flashing.

Risky Honey is often combined with damage boosting chips, such as Chip Icon 6 Standard 197.png Atk+30 or Chip Icon 6 Standard 200.png DblPoint, in order to deal massive damage with it's multi-hits. This strategy becomes even more effective when using Tomahawk Cross's chip charge to double the damage and/or when used to block predictable attacks to spawn more swarms.

When using Double Point to boost Risky Honey, a common followup is to use Chip Icon 6 Standard 166.png GrabBnsh to push the enemy into the swarm as they attempt to dodge it. This combo becomes easier to pull off the higher the rank of the Risky Honey. This setup is often called the "Bee Banish" combo.


As the swarm from Risky Honey can only turn twice, with precise movement it can be dodged. Avoiding the swarm becomes easier with more space between the user and the enemy.

Element 6 Fire.png Fire attacks can be used without worry of being blocked by Risky Honey, however caution should be taken when doing so with Real Time Fire attacks as they can still be counter-hit by the swarm.

Chip Icon 6 Standard 184.png LifeAur and Chip Icon 6 Standard 189.png AntiDmg can completely shut down the "Bee Banish" combo. Chip Icon 6 Standard 179.png Invisibl can also be used to avoid the damage from the swarm, however since Grab Banish pierces Flashing it will end the Invisible duration early making it less effective.