Destroy Pulse (BN6)

Program advance series (BN6)
Chip Icon 6 Program advance 015.png DestPuls
DescriptionFire puls that caus strg bug!
Full nameDestroy Pulse
Library #15
Chip lockout20 frames
Uses chipsChip Icon 6 Standard 033.png ElcPuls1 J
Chip Icon 6 Standard 034.png ElcPuls2 J
Chip Icon 6 Standard 035.png ElcPuls3 J

Destroy Pulse hits in a rotated T shape like to the Elec Pulse chip series. It is Elec element and invis-piercing.

Destroy Pulse paralyzes for 150 frames and blinds for 1200 frames. When applied, these effects will also ignore Status Guard (e.g. that given by Tomahawk Cross or the PlanetMan mod card).

It additionally causes a Level 2 Damage HP Bug and Level 2 Custom HP Bug to the opponent.