Element Trap (BN6)

Chip series (BN6)
Chip 6 Standard 187.png
Chip Icon 6 Standard 187.png ElemTrap
DescriptionTrap enmy and attk with elem
Full nameElement Trap
Library #187
ElementNone None
Attack power240
CodesG S U *
MB42 (max 2 copies)

Element Trap equips a trap that is triggered when the opponent uses an elemental attack.

The trap will immediately disappear if an elemental attack is already on the field during placement. If a previous trap was equipped, this will remove that trap and leave you with no trap equipped.

Element Trap will only trigger when the game recognizes the attack's element has been used: that is, the elemental attack must first be on the field before the trap will trigger (it is possible to be hit by an elemental attack before the trap triggers). If an opponent also has Element Trap equipped, it will trigger theirs after your Element Trap finishes triggering.

  • Anti Fire and Anti Water causes flashing.
  • Anti Elec paralyzes the enemy for 90f and doesn't cause flashing.
  • Anti Wood confuses the enemy and doesn't cause flashing.

Element Trap activates after a cut in chain ends, but before MegaMan's flashing status is changed.

  • If the trap triggering is supposed to change MegaMan from a non-flashing status to a flashing status: it will deal damage at the end of a cut in chain.
  • If the trap triggering is supposed to change MegaMan from a flashing status to a non-flashing status: he will still be flashing at the end of a cut in chain and the trap will not damage him.