Step Sword (BN6)

Chip series (BN6)
This article is about the standard chip. For ProtoMan's special chip, see Step Sword (special chip) (BN6).
Chip 6 Standard 080.png
Chip Icon 6 Standard 080.png StepSwrd
DescriptionUse WideSwrd 2sq ahead
Full nameStep Sword
Library #80
ElementSword Sword
Attack power160
CodesB L P
MB28 (max 4 copies)

Chip Icon 6 Standard 080.png StepSwrd is a Real Time chip that teleports MegaMan two panels ahead and performs a Wide Sword attack. It deals 160 Element 6 Sword.png Sword element Flinching and Flashing damage.


  • The panel step can land over a hole even if MegaMan does not have AirShoes.
  • MegaMan cannot move forward if the panel two ahead of the user is occupied by an enemy or object.
  • When used in Beast Out, the user will move to the middle panel of the column three ahead of the enemy's, then perform Step Sword. If there is no such panel because the enemy is on the user's original area by using Chip Icon 6 Standard 165.png AreaGrab, the user will perform Step Sword as normal while still spending Beast Jump frames.

Frame Data

  • Step Sword has a 12 frame startup. The wide sword attack hits on frame 13 only.
  • MegaMan's hitbox moves to the panel 2 ahead on frame 2, then returns on frame 26.
  • Recovery ends on frame 32.

Using Step Sword in Beast Out adds 4 frames to all the above timings.

Startup Active Recovery Total Counter Frames
12 13 14-32 32 TBA
start 13

Competitive Overview