Rock Crush Breaker (BN6)

Chip series (BN6)
Chip 6 Fixed 004 Falzar.png
Chip Icon 6 Fixed 004 Falzar.png RC Brakr
DescriptionDrillAtk. Go fwd & shwr rock
Full nameRock Crush Breaker
Library #4F
ElementBreak Break
Attack power
MB99 (max 1 copy)

GroundMan’s signature chip. GroundMan is invulnerable while charging and if the attack reaches the back, it drops 9 rocks on the enemies. Each rock deals normal chip damage. While GroundMan is at the back you can walk into him to avoid the damage from the rocks but take collision damage instead. GroundMan can be stopped from reaching the back which will interrupt his attack. This deals normal chip damage, is breaking and inflicts small push. Rocks deal breaking damage. Cannot go over holes even with AirShoes. 80 Damage