Body Guard (BN6)

Program advance series (BN6)
Chip Icon 6 Program advance 024.png BodyGrd
DescriptionTrap enmy then thrw star attk
Full nameBody Guard
Library #24
Uses chipsChip Icon 6 Standard 188.png AntiNavi *
Chip Icon 6 Standard 190.png AntiSwrd *
Chip Icon 6 Standard 189.png AntiDmg *

Sword element. Shoots 10 stars, 100 damage per hit. Counts as a type 1 obstacle, so your active player controlled obstacle on the field will be destroyed. If you summon an obstacle during its use, the stars will stop. Cybeast Giga Chips will stop BodyGuard as well. The obscure glitch "TDOG" can be applied to BodyGuard in the same manner as AntiDamage. To learn more about this glitch, read the "About TDOG" paragraph in the explanation for AntiDamage. Change from previous games: BodyGuard is now a Trap chip that needs to be triggered. It follows the same activation conditions as AntiDamage.