Sun and Moon (BN6)

Program advance series (BN6)
Chip Icon 6 Program advance 028.png SunMoon
DescriptionAttk 3pnl fwd w/BN4 SunMn atk
Full nameSun and Moon
Library #28
Uses chipsChip Icon 6 Standard 111.png Meteors R
Chip Icon 6 Standard 197.png Atk+30 *
Chip Icon 6 Standard 193.png Uninstll R

Initial meteors: 6 hits 50 damage each. Moon laser and sun crash each deal 200 damage. Meteors are fire element, moon laser and sun crash are null element.

The ray pierces invis and has Uninstall effect. Sun crash is pseudo-breaking and cracks 3x3 panels.

Only the sun crash is boosted by DblPt. The entire PA is doubled with a X2 proc.