Bug Death Thunder (BN6)

Chip series (BN6)
Chip 6 Giga 005 Falzar.png
Chip Icon 6 Giga 005 Falzar.png BgDthThd
DescriptionUse Bug Frag with DarkThnd!
Full nameBug Death Thunder
Library #5F
ElementElec Elec
Attack power
MB80 (max 1 copy)

Chip Icon 6 Giga 005 Falzar.png BgDthThd, also known as BDT is the Falzar version exclusive Bug Frag Giga Chip. It is Screen Dimming Giga chip that changes the player's Charge Shot into Bug Death Thunder. Bug Death Thunder consumes 1 Bug Frag when fired. If the player has no Bug Frags to use, the Charge Shot will fire a Chip Icon 6 Standard 029.png Thunder instead.

Using Bug Death Thunder will replace any previous Charge Shots the player has regardless of source. It remains active in Crosses and will replace Falzar's Beast Buster, allowing the player to use a Charge Shot in Beast Out. This will also give the player a normal buster in Beast Out.

Chip Icon 6 Giga 005 Falzar.png BgDthThd is a tracking thunder ball that deals 200 Paralyzing, Element 6 Elec.png Elec damage. Bug Death Thunder's damage, charge time and attack speed are constant, and are unaffected by Attack, Speed or Charge stats.

Chip Icon 6 Giga 005 Falzar.png BgDthThd has a Chip Lockout window upon firing the buster, rather than the chip activation itself. Chip Lockout prevents the user from using chips or activating a Time Freezing Counter during that window.

Bug Death Thunder is a tracking attack, this means that if the opponent leaves the field, the thunder ball can leave the field completely.


  • In Tango Netbattle Bug Frags will not be consumed and the player has an infinite supply.
  • Bug Death Thunder behaves differently if the player is the Host or the Client in a PvP match:
    • As Host your thunder ball will leave the field if an opponent in the Invisible is standing on the edge of their field.
    • As client the thunder ball will remain on the field and attempt to track the opponent.
    • This is fixed in the Bingus patch, and the thunder ball will always behave as Host and leave the field.

Frame Data

  • Bug Death Thunder is not affected by Charge Stat, and takes 200 frames to fully charge. It has a 2 frame startup before the thunder ball spawns on the field. Each Bug Death Thunder ball lasts on the field for 480 frames, allowing for a maximum of 2 at once.
  • Bug Death Thunder balls take 40 frames to travel from the center of a panel to the center of an adjacent panel.
  • Chip Lockout lasts for 30 frames and starts as the player's buster arm drops. This happens after the Bug Death Thunder has been fired.

Start 3-19 20-59 60-100 101-141

Startup Active Recovery Counter Frames
2 3-19 3-36 1-16

Competitive Overview

Chip Icon 6 Giga 005 Falzar.png BgDthThd is a fairly unique Giga chip in that most folders would need to be dedicated to enabling the giga chip, rather than using is as supplementary damage. This is because it requires a large number of setting up against an opponent who knows how to deal with it.

Bug Death Thunder builds rely on finding the chip as soon as possible and using it to pressure the opponent. As such, going into Dust Cross early is a very common play. It allows the user to go through the folder quickly and find it.

There are common chips used with BDT to either make it deal more damage or confirm the BDT ball landing. This involves using chips such as the Chip Icon 6 Standard 026.png BblStar1 series, or other paralyzing effects. The Bubbled status allows Element 6 Elec.png Elec chips to deal extra damage. Chip Icon 6 Standard 193.png Uninstll and area breaking chips such as Chip Icon 6 Standard 169.png Geddon can also be used to confirm your hits landing.

Because of the long charge time, it is important to get maximum value out of each BDT charge. This means that most BDT builds will have to include things that stop the opponent countering it, or denying your chip value.

Starting in Dust Cross leaves the player vulnerable to Element 6 Cursor.png Cursor attacks. This drives most BDT builds to start with First Barrier and the chip Chip Icon 6 Standard 176.png FullCust. This allows the player to ensure Dust Cross survives for one turn and using Dust Dig. Against builds running very few Element 6 Cursor.png Cursor chips it can be best to hold onto the Chip Icon 6 Standard 176.png FullCust for one extra, and using it at the start of the next turn to maximize value.

There are two main archtypes of builds using BDT, ones with a second Giga chip such as Chip Icon 6 Giga 004 Falzar.png HubBatc and ones without.

Both are powerful stratigies with their own benefits and drawbacks. Adding Chip Icon 6 Giga 004 Falzar.png HubBatc to the folder is often considered the more consistent strategy as it gives the player a secondry win condition. Having to use the Giga Folder navi cust part often comes with downsides as well. You are more restricted in your Navi Cust space, and have to either use a Bugged build or run less Stats.

Using Chip Icon 6 Giga 004 Falzar.png HubBatc allows the player gain

Having a Bugged build can also be an upside if the player is able to take advantage out of the bugs. Having Movement Bug can make it easier to avoid attacks such as Chip Icon 6 Standard 055.png MachGun1 or to keep the First Barrier alive for longer. Buster Bug Can be used to remove Chip Icon 6 Standard 189.png AntiDmg from the opponent without needing to waste a full BDT charge.


Chip Icon 6 Giga 005 Falzar.png BgDthThd is considered one of the most difficult Giga Chips for new players to deal with, but while it can be very strong, there is a number of ways to completely deny any value it might provide.

There are general strats for playing around BDT, but each version it's specific counters.

General counters