Giga Folder 1 (BN6)

NaviCust part series (BN6)
DescriptionGigaChip +1
Full nameGiga Folder 1
Colors Red
Compression codeBLBRLLLABA
BugCustom Bug

Giga Folder 1 is a Solid Navi Cust part that increases the maximum number of Giga Chips that can be in the chip folder.

When bugged, Giga Folder 1 causes Custom Bug.

Giga Folder raises the Giga Chip maximum up to 5 from the default of 1.

The following Patch Cards provide Giga Folder+:

Number Giga Folder+1

NumberMan Giga Folder+1

CircusMan Giga Folder+1

PharaohMan Giga Folder+1

Famous' Customization Giga Folder+2

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