Mega Folder NaviCust part series (BN6)

NaviCust part series (BN6)
DescriptionMegaChip +1
Full nameMega Folder 1
Colors Green
Compression codeARLALALLAB
BugCustom Bug
DescriptionMegaChip +2
Full nameMega Folder 2
Colors White
Compression codeLALRBLRLRA
BugCustom Bug

Mega Folder 1 and Mega Folder 2 are Solid Navi Cust parts that increase the maximum number of Mega Chips that can be in the chip folder.

When bugged, Mega Folder 1 and Mega Folder 2 cause Custom Bug.

Mega Folder raises the Mega Chip maximum up to 10 from the default of 5.

The following Patch Cards provide Mega Folder+:

Number Mega Folder+1

Earth Dragon Mega Folder+1

NumberMan Mega Folder+1

StarMan Mega Folder+1

EraseMan Mega Folder+1

Totem Mega Folder+1

DiveMan Mega Folder+1

Count Mega Folder+1

PlantMan Mega Folder+2

Famous' Customization Mega Folder+2

The following Patch Cards provide Mega Folder-:

GroundMan Mega Folder-1

CloudMan Mega Folder-1

Bass Cross MegaMan Mega Folder-2

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