Shield NaviCust part series (BN6)

NaviCust part series (BN6)
DescriptionⒷ+Left= Strong shield!
Full nameShield
Colors Blue
Compression codeRBBBAAABRL
BugMovement Bug
DescriptionⒷ+Left= Reflect attacks!
Full nameReflect
Colors Green
Compression codeLAABRRLRLR
BugMovement Bug

The Shield series are Solid Navi Cust parts that give Megaman a B+Left ability to bring up a shield/reflector that protects him from damage. Shield and Reflect only apply to Base Megaman and will not work in a Cross or Beast Out form.

If reflect's shield is hit by an attack, it will produce an invisible 50 damage projectile that travels across Megaman's row, similar to the Chip Icon 6 Standard 091.png Rflectr1 chip series.

Shield and Reflect can block multiple attacks for as long as they are still active. However, Reflect only produces a counterattack for the first attack that hits its shield. Any other attack that hits while the shield is active are blocked, but do not produce a counterattack. Reflect is unable to Counter Hit an opponent.

Element 6 Break.png Break and Psuedo-Breaking attacks pierce through Shield and Reflect. Chip Icon 6 Standard 193.png Uninstll will remove Shield and Reflect if it hits.

When bugged, the Shield series causes Movement Bug.

Shield can also be provided by Chip Icon 6 Giga 004 Falzar.png HubBatc

The following Patch Cards can also provide Shield: Kettle, ShelGeek, CanGuard

The following Patch Cards can also provide Reflect: YamatoMn, Punk


  • The Shield provided by Chip Icon 6 Giga 004 Falzar.png HubBatc does not overwrite any other B+Left ability. Shield will only be granted in the absence of such abilities.
  • Shield is one of the only ways to block Chip Icon 6 Standard 015.png GunDelS1
  • There's a glitch that allows the Freeze Status to be applied by attacks that hit on Ice Panels, even if the attack is blocked by the shield series. If this happens, all damage is blocked by the shield, but Reflect's counterattack does not trigger. The glitch only occurs with the following attacks: Chip Icon 6 Standard 076.png AquaSwrd, Chip Icon 6 Standard 115.png BlzrdBal, the Chip Icon 6 Standard 139.png Little Boiler series' water hitbox, the Chip Icon 6 Mega 007 Falzar.png AquaMan series, the Chip Icon 6 Mega 025.png DiveMan series, and Aqua Beast's chip charge.

Frame Data

  • Active time: 21f
  • First frame Megaman can begin moving after use: 24f
  • Cooldown time before next use: 40f

Competitive Overview

As B+Left abilities, Shield and Reflect are only usable by base Megaman, limiting their overall usability. However, they can still be useful for their ability to block incoming damage.

The Shield series can protect its user from an opponent's chips and charge shots provided they time the ability correctly. The compact size as well as the strength of the ability makes shield a popular option for builds that stay in Base Megaman. Shield is most effective against attacks with plenty of startup frames, such as Tomahawk Cross' charge shot, or to block opponents who fire their charge shots too predictably.

Shield can also be used to make it more difficult for the opponent to get the most out of the turn. It can cause the opponent to intentionally delay firing an attack to wait for the shield activation. This can add up over the course of the game and deny a significant amount of damage.

Shield can also be used to provide another "dodging" option. Typically players can use movement to attempt to avoid attacks which makes things more predictable. However, adding Shield as another variable can make it much more difficult for the opponent to attempt to predict what the player will do. This can make it much more difficult for the opponent to land attacks or Charge shots reliably, making it a powerful tool.

A player can also spam the shield series to potentially block an attack the opponent randomly throws out, but this method is fairly unrelieable.

Shield is more frequently used compared to Reflect. The main reason is that Shield has a more compact shape that can be easily placed around other parts. Reflect is more difficult to fit and can cause the user to sacrafice HP or other important parts.

The Shield series pairs very well with custs with Emotion Bug, as both only provide benefits to Megaman while he is in his base form. Additionally, the shield series can protect its user while they wait for Humor bug to provide Full Synchro or Anger status.

Shield has the same shape and color as FstBarr. This allows them to be interchanable depending on what the build needs


A player can punish an opponent spamming shield by waiting to attack right as the shield disappears.

Outside of the slower Charge Shots, it can be very difficult to block them on reaction.

If an opponent is using shield preemptively to block a player's charge shots, that player can delay their timing slightly to bait them into shielding early.

Waiting to use shield can mean the player is unable to use ChargeShots and is losing out on damage.

Breaking and Psuedo-Breaking attacks will pierce the shield series.

Chip Icon 6 Standard 193.png Uninstll removes Shield and Reflect if the chip it is attached to hits the opponent.