Attack NaviCust part series (BN6)

NaviCust part series (BN6)
DescriptionMegaBstr Attck +1
Full nameAttack +1
Colors Pink, Red, Blue
BugBuster Bug
DescriptionMegaBstr AttckMAX
Full nameAttack MAX
Colors Red
Compression codeLBRBABLBAL
BugBuster Bug

Attack +1 or Attack MAX are Plus Navi Cust parts that increases the damage done by Buster Shots and Charge Shots. Attack +1 increases Attack level by 1, and Attack MAX increases it to the maximum of 5. Further additions of Attack + parts will no increase above Attack 5.

When bugged, Attack +1 and Attack MAX cause Buster Bug.

Other methods of increasing the attack level are using the chips such as Chip Icon 6 Giga 004 Falzar.png HubBatc, Chip Icon 6 Standard 177.png BusterUp or Heat Cross.

List of Patch Cards that can increase the attack level:


  • Chip Icon 6 Giga 004 Falzar.png HubBatc will set the Attack stat to 5 if it was lower than 5, and will never increase it beyond Attack 5.
  • Chip Icon 6 Standard 193.png Uninstll does not affect the current attack level.
  • Chip Icon 6 Standard 177.png BusterUp will increase the Buster Shot damage up to 10 damage per shot. This also affects Buster Bug
  • Attack Stat increases from Patch Cards will apply after the Navi Cust, and can stack for a maximum of 10 in total.
  • Heat Cross, Chip Icon 6 Standard 177.png BusterUp and Patch Cards won't increase the damage dealt by Charge Shots beyond attack level 5.
  • Attack Stat resets to 1 upon entering the Very Tired State.

Competitive Overview

Buster Shots and Charge Shots often play an important part in applying constant pressure to the opponent. High Attack gives opportunities to deal damage during turns in which the player doesn't have damage dealing Chips.

Chip Icon 6 Standard 174.png SloGauge is often used in builds with high Attack stat. The increase in Custom time allows the player to deal a lot of damage, especially in situations where Charge Shot damage can be confirmed.

It's often considered very important for Gregar version to reach the 5 Attack stat threshold. This allows 4 of the 5 crosses to break Chip Icon 6 Standard 184.png LifeAur through Beast Charges.

Falzar version players can rely on Chip Icon 6 Giga 004 Falzar.png HubBatc to reach Attack 5. This allows the user to save space in the Navi Cust for other parts such as more HP for example.

Attack Max is slightly more efficient to run compared to 4 Attack +1 parts. This makes it much more likely to see play in builds attempting to reach Attack 5.

Attack Max is the same size and Shape as HP+300 which makes them interchangeable depending on what the user wants.


Chip Icon 6 Standard 175.png FstGauge is often regarded as a potential countermeassure. The decrease in Custom time gives the player less time to charge their Charge Shot making it harder to get value out of Attack MAX.

Attack Stat is unaffected by Chip Icon 6 Standard 193.png Uninstll and therefore can't be changed once the player obtained it.

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