Speed NaviCust part series (BN6)

NaviCust part series (BN6)
DescriptionMegaBstr Speed +1
Full nameSpeed +1
Colors White, Pink, Green
BugBuster Bug
DescriptionMegaBstr SpeedMAX
Full nameSpeed MAX
Colors Green
Compression codeAALABRALBA
BugBuster Bug

Speed +1 or Speed MAX are Plus Navi Cust parts that decrease the cooldown time between Buster Shots. This allows for more frequent Buster Shots which are more difficult to avoid. Speed Stat has a maximum of 5. This limit cannot be bypassed by any means including using Patch Cards

When bugged, Speed +1 and Speed MAX cause Buster Bug.

The only way to change the Speed stat is by using the Chip Icon 6 Giga 004 Falzar.png HubBatc chip, which sets it to 5.


  • Chip Icon 6 Giga 004 Falzar.png HubBatc will set the Speed stat to 5 if it was lower than 5, and will not increase it past that.
  • Chip Icon 6 Standard 193.png Uninstll does not affect the current Speed level.

Competitive Overview

Speed +1 is only used to fill up a single empty square when there is nothing else used. It is very inefficient to attempt to use Speed +1 parts to reach Speed 5.

Speed Max is almost never used in builds that utilize the BugStop Navi Cust part. However it really shines in Bugged builds utilizing Buster Bug along with the Chip Icon 6 Standard 178.png BugFix chip.

Using Speed Max along With Attack MAX this can result in a lot of burst damage. This does rely on chance which is important to keep in mind. Using Buster Bug level 3 allows for a 3/16 chance of the powered up Buster Shot. Using Speed Max allows for a higher number of Buster Shots which makes it more likely to reach that 3/16 Buster "proc".

It is also great for testing unknown traps or activating Chip Icon 6 Standard 189.png AntiDmg and thus removing a layer of defense from the opponent.

Due to the small size of Speed MAX it is a great Navi Cust part to use in order to get Buster Bug. It can easily cause a Buster Bug level 2 by placing it on the outer grid besides an another green Navi Cust part.


Buster Shots do still have travel time, this makes moving up and down an effective way of dodging them. Moving to the very back of the field can distance the player from these Buster Shots making them easier to avoid.

Chip Icon 6 Standard 175.png FstGauge is often regarded as a potential countermeassure. The decrease in Custom time gives the player less time to utilize their Buster Shot making it harder to get value out of Speed MAX.