Tango (BN6)

NaviCust part series (BN6)
DescriptionVS only! Heals low HP
Full nameTango
Colors Green
Compression codeBRBRRABBRA

If MegaMan falls below 25% HP outside of a screen dimming, he obtains 300HP and a Barrier100. Activates only if Mega Man is in the player’s control (will not activate until Flinch, Paralysis, Bubble, Frozen statuses, and Sliding effects end).

Will not work if the program was bugged, regardless of BugFix chip usage. This applies even when granted by a modcard.

Competitive Overview

Tango provides an effective 400 HP: 300 from healing, and a 100 HP barrier. The benefit of using Tango as a just-in-time healing and defense option must be weighed against HP+300 or HP+400, which have a similar count in squares, have a more agreeable shape, offer roughly the same amount of health, and do not take up the Command Line.

The barrier provided by Tango can stifle some combos if Tango activates in the middle of such a combo.

Tango's barrier will overwrite any other barriers the user has, including Chip Icon 6 Standard 184.png LifeAur.


Dealing sufficient damage to delete the enemy before Tango can activate is valid, particularly with high-damage screen dimming chips.

If the Tango user has Life Aura, damage that bypasses Life Aura such as poison damage or Gun Del Sol can cause Tango to activate and overwrite the Life Aura, providing an alternate method of breaking the aura.