Super Armor (BN6)

NaviCust part series (BN6)
DescriptionWon't be pushed!
Full nameSuper Armor
Colors Red
Compression codeABLLAALRBA
BugMovement Bug

Super Armor is a Solid Navi Cust part that prevents Flinching upon being hit.

When bugged, Super Armor causes Movement Bug.

Other methods of obtaining Super Armor are being inflicted with Anger, Gregar Beast and Ground Cross.

The following Patch Cards provide Super Armor:







Bass BX

Cybeast Gregar

Bass Cross Megaman (Gregar)

The following Patch Cards remove Super Armor:

Big Hat




  • Chip Icon 6 Giga 004 Falzar.png HubBatc does not provide Super Armor.
  • Including multiple copies of Super Armor does not improve the effect.

Competitive Overview

Super Armor is considered to be one of the most important Navi Cust parts in the game.

It prevents the user from being Flinched. This means that players are able to use attacks without risking being interrupted, and are able to escape multi hitting chips with ease.

Super Armor is also very easy to fit around other parts. This makes it very versatile and relatively inexpensive to fit into any build.

The Movement Bug caused by Super Armor can be beneficial. It allows the user to escape attacks and move around the edges of the field more easily.


Chip Icon 6 Standard 193.png Uninstll can remove Super Armor.

Attacks that apply Drag or other status effects such as paralysis still interrupt the enemy's actions.

Gregar players want to avoid Movement Bug as much as possible because of the range of Charge Shots. Most need lining up with the opponent which makes it a difficult bug to play around.