Master Cross (BN6)

Program advance series (BN6)
Chip Icon 6 Program advance 027.png MstrCros
DescriptionAttk with all BN3's Cros Attk
Full nameMaster Cross
Library #27
Uses chipsChip Icon 6 Standard 107.png FireHit3 A
Chip Icon 6 Standard 114.png AquaNdl3 A
Chip Icon 6 Standard 035.png ElcPuls3 A
Chip Icon 6 Standard 041.png RskyHny3 A

Can activate over broken/hole panels. Attacks 6 times and deals 100 damage each, for a maximum of 600. Multiple elements depend on version. Crosses will not spawn around the enemy if the open panel around them is a hole, blocked by an obstacle, or if enemy is on rightmost column.

Left Right
Gregar Charge (Null), Elec (Elec), Erase (Null) Heat (Fire), Slash (Null)
Falzar Dust (Null), Tomahawk (Wood), Ground (Pseudo-breaking) Spout (Aqua), Tengu (Null)

Erase Cross has invis-piercing. Final explosion is Null element.